Multimedia Section
Here is my Multmedia Section Very soon this site will contains tons and tons of Mutlimedia
For  Starters Here are Some Waves
Self Explanatory Big Bang
Vegeta Saying " Im Already Here" Already Here
Cell Saying Kame... Cell Kame
Vegeta Saying That He is gona send dodoria into the next dimension Dimension
Very COOL! Mr.Piccolo
Piccolo Saying That He Feels A Power That is to high to be true Piccolo2
Vegeta Saying "Had Enough? Want Some More?" Vegeta1
Vegeta Saying Where Are My Manners... Vegeta2
Vegetas BEST!!! COOL! MUST DOWNLOAD Vegeta 3
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!! This one is very funny, it's failed Gogeta form(looks like a pig). Anyway, check it out!

Piccolo and Nail Fussion Piccolo and Nail
Metal Cooler is draining energy from Goku and Vegeta while Piccolo is the only one left.

Metal Cooler
Trunks is turning into SSJ, while Android 14 is punching Trunks.

Trunks is fighting Android 14 and Android 15 both. But he's not match for them when he's not a Super Saiyan.

This one is Gotenks fusion movie. It's really cool!

This one is of Bardock(goku's dad) is trying to defeat Freeza before he destroys planet Vegeta...However, he fails and is killed by Freeza's huge fireball.

Bardock Dead
This is Vegetto's earring fusion. (1 Star)Not Good Quality)

Veggetto Fusion
In this you see Krillin with hair, getting killed by 17. Then his wife 18 gets really mad and beats on 17.

Krillin And Androids
Gohan kills Cell Juniors after he transforms to SSJ2.

SSJ Gohan
You see the Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks.

GT Opening In Picture GT
Brolli takin' on SSJ Goku, Gohan, and Trunks.

Dodoria blasting Bardock with a beam.

Bardock & Dodoria