What do you think would happen if our favorite DBZ saiyan went on the Jerry Springer show? well now's your time to find out!

Jerry: Welcome to the Jerry Springer show, the guest on my show today is gonna tell her boyfriend that their relationship is over, let's meet Bulma!

Bulma: Hi Jerry!

Jerry: How are you Bulma?

Bulma: I'm fine, it's nice to be on your show

Jerry: Thank you Bulma, now tell me, how was your relationship?

Bulma: We were together for a long time until he began cheating on me! and I was planning to marry him one of these days!

Jerry: I see.....does he know you want to say goodbye?

Bulma: Not yet

Jerry: How do you think he'll take it?

Bulma: I'll give that cheating bastard what he deserves!

Jerry: ok! let's bring out your boyfriend....let's welcome Yamcha!

Yamcha enters

Jerry: Hi Yamcha, welcome to the show

Yamcha: Hi Jerry

Jerry: Now you're here because your girlfriend wants to tell you something....

Bulma: Yamcha, I've about had it with your cheating and I want to say that our relationship is over....

Yamcha: But Bulma!!!

Bulma: Don't "But Bulma" me!!!! you're nothing but a weak cheating bastard! and I've been seeing somebody else..

Yamcha: Do I know this guy?

Bulma: Let's say you know him....

Jerry: Let's welcome....Vegeta!

Vegeta enters and hugs Bulma then Yamcha jumps out of his chair and begins to fight with Vegeta, as soon as Vegeta begins his Big Bang Attack, the guards stop him

Yamcha: You're dating this...this...Saiyan???!!!

Bulma holds Vegeta's hand

Bulma: He's alot stronger than you'll ever be!!!

Yamcha rushes at Vegeta again, and Vegeta throws Yamcha across the room then the guards stop him

Jerry: Ok.....now how did you and Vegeta get together?

Bulma: We both felt each other's lonliness and we got together...

Yamcha: Let's not forget that he tried to destroy the earth!!

Jerry: You tried to destroy the earth Vegeta?

Vegeta: Once, but I'm not that kinda guy anymore

Yamcha: This isn't true Bulma!! you'd leave me for that that...SAIYAN???? how come I wasn't informed???

Bulma: You can ask Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and anybody else, I told them that I was dating Vegeta

Yamcha: He's an alien!!!

Jerry: You're dating someone from outer space?

Bulma: He's perfectly compatible, we had a great time the other night

Jerry: ooooooohhh, sleeping with an alien....Let's bring out your friends!

Goku, Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo come out

Piccolo: Just for the record Springer, I don't have time to waste on this show....

Krillin: Yay! We're on the Jerry Springer show! I bet Master Roshi is watching!

Gohan: Wow dad, look at the large crowd!

Goku: Let's sit down everyone

Jerry: Welcome to the show Goku, Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo, what did Bulma tell you about her new relationship

Piccolo: I don't wanna answer any questions, I hate this stupid mushy stuff

Goku: Well, I think Vegeta's a better boyfriend for Bulma, he's a better sparring partner

Vegeta: heh, thanks Kakarrot

Yamcha: Goku! I can't believe it! you know I was with Bulma longer!

Vegeta: Too bad it's over, it was fun while it lasted.....now Bulma's with me...

Yamcha: Why You.....!!!

Yamcha jumps on Vegeta and begins punching him, Vegeta blasts Yamcha across the audience and gets stuck in the wall

Jerry: Did Bulma say anything to you Krillin?

Krillin: I did see Bulma and Vegeta walking together in the park

Yamcha gets out of the wall

Yamcha: I'll get you for this Vegeta!

As Yamcha rushes towards Vegeta, the guards hold him back, but then Yamcha throws the guards out of the building and rushes for Vegeta

Piccolo: Alright, here's some action!

Out of nowhere, Freeza appears

Freeza: Ah, I can finally conquer the earth!

Jerry hides in the corner

Jerry: This is supposed to be my show! not some free-for-all brawl!!

Vegeta gets on his knees and proposes to Bulma

Vegeta: Bulma, will you marry me?

Bulma: Yes, I will....

Freeza: You'll be in hell before you ever get married Vegeta!

Vegeta and Freeza fight

The guards try to hold back Freeza but get killed in the process

Piccolo, Krillin, Goku, and Gohan join the fight

Jerry: Look at the stage! it's a mess!!

As the fight goes on, more blood splatters all over the place

Jerry: I wonder how large the cleaning bill will be....

Vegeta throws up an artificial moon and he and Gohan look up at it

Gohan and Vegeta transform into Giant weremonkeys and begin to trash the place.

Jerry: What the Hell are you doing!!!! You Mofos get the hell of my stage.Some one tame this monkey.

Krillin: DESTRUCTO DISK!!!!!

:::::Krillin cuts of Gohans Tail and he falls on the stage naked. Shivering::::::


:::::Goku Goes SuperSaiyan on the stage and pounds freeza to the ground:::::

:::::Freeza Shoots and Lazer Disk at Goku...Goku sets a Trap and Freeza Ends up Getting Sliced in Half:

::::: Goku, kind hearted that he is  gives freeza enough energy to live::::

::::: Freeza with the power he has left over shoots a blast at goku:::::

Goku: YOU FOOL!!!!!

:::::Freezas Power Blast Was Disenagrated by gokus blast and kills freeza:

The End

Jerry: Now for my final thought....If your girlfriend doesn't want to be with you anymore, then it's time to let her go and move on, it's not good to love someone who can't love you back, and stay away from guys with tails and aliens who want to destroy the earth, take care of yourselves and each other...

The end