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Radditz comes to Earth, searching for his brother, Gokou to see if he carried out his mission of destroying the Earth. He has long hair that goes down to about his knees. He is much stronger than Gokou in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, but Gokou finds an unlikely ally in Piccolo and together they manage to take Radditz down, thanks to the help of Piccolo's new attack, the Makkansosappo, and Gohan, whom delivers a blow to Radditz's stomach, weakening him enough for Gokou to hold him while Piccolo blasts him, but Gokou goes with Radditz as they both get killed by his move. Radditz never really was important, however he started out almost the Vegita and Frieza saga by telling Vegeta there were Dragon Balls through his scouter.

Name: Nappa
Race: Saiyan
Hair: Black (when he's not bald)
Eyes: Black

Nappa is like Vegeta's bodyguard. They come to Earth together searching for the Dragon Balls, but naturally the Z fighters step in. Nappa eliminates Chaouzu and Piccolo (remember Yamcha was killed by a Saibamen and Tien basically killed himself). Nappa meant to kill Gohan but Piccolo took the shot. Nappa met his demise after Gokou did kaioken on him and threw him at Vegeta's side. Vegeta complied by blowing the hell out of Nappa for being injured.Nappa was last seen with hair! In DBGT but when escaped from hell he was again killed by Vegeta.

Name: Kui
Race: Unknown
Hair: None
Eyes: Black

Kui is Vegeta's longtime rival who follows him to Namek. Kui chases after
Vegeta, thinking he is stronger, but Vegita shows his true power to Kui
and whoops his ass. Kui never does anything important. He is a purple
thing with two little things coming out of his forehead, like a Namek.

Name: Dodoria
Race: Unknown
Hair: None
Eyes: Black

Dodoria is a fat pink lard ball whom is one of Frieza's henchmen. He ravages a few villages, kills Dende's brother Kargo, and kills several other Namek's. Gohan and Kuririn then come into the picture and knock Dodoria on his as* long enough for them to escape with Dende. Dodoria chases after them only to meet his demise at the hands of Vegeta.

Name: Zarbon
Race: Unknown
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green

Zarbon is another henchman of Freeza and is a pretty boy. He wears a cape, earrings and tights. He encounters Vegeta while flying along over Namek, and the two engage in battle. Vegeta wins the first round, but then Zarbon transforms (gasp) and beats the crap out of Vegeta, sending him to a rejuvenation tank. Once Vegeta heals, he manages to steal the five dragon balls from Frieza and escapes. Zarbon once again heads out in search of Vegeta, and this time, loses both rounds, thanks to the Saiyans ability to raise their power after a near death experience.


Guldo- A short green alien with 4 eyes and the ability to stop time. He starts out in battle with Gohan and Kuririn, but then uses his mind freeze technique, which renders Gohan and Kuririn paralyzed. Thankfully Vegeta steps in and decapitates the froggish creature, saving Gohan and Kuririn.

RECOOME- A tall red haired man with an odd sense of humor. He isn't the
idiot that American DBZ made him out to be. He is actually quite intelligent, just acted goofy. He defeats Gohan, Kuririn and Vegeta at first, but Gokou delivers a blow to the beast knocking him unconscious. After Vegeta recovers he blows the crap out of Recoome while he's still down.

Burter- A tall, blue alien who's known for his incredible speed. He and Jeice team up on Gokou but are unable to land a single punch, and he gets really riled up that Gokou is a saiyan, and is faster than him. However, Gokou still defeats him no problem, and leaves him helpless on the ground. Again, Vegeta steps in and kills the downed fighter.

Jeice-a short, orange, punk rocker type fighter that teams up against
Gokou but loses the fight. After Gokou defeats Baata easily, he rushes to get the fearcest of all Ginyu...who was that again? Anyways, he encounters Vegeta again, after he gets his power up from being beaten by Recoome, and loses by a long shot against Vegeta, who claims to be a Super Saiyan, but of course, he's really not.

GINYU-A big buff tall Frieza look alike, with the horns an all. Ginyu fight Gokou and is seemingly stronger, but still encourages Gokou to show his true potential. Of course Gokou is much stronger, but Ginyu has a trick. He switches bodies with Gokou and runs off to find the dragon balls. He however cannot get used to Gokou's body and cant quite get to the power level gokou did (180,000)....he can only reach 23,000. Thus, leaving him for fair game for Kuririn and Gohan, who manage to take him down. Ginyu then tries to switch bodies again, this time with Vegeta, but Gokou flies in the way and they switch back. Again, Ginyu tries to switch with Vegeta, but Gokou, with the baseball arm, throws a frog in the way.

ON A SIDE NOTE: All members of the Ginyu force were killed by Vegeta, except for Captain Ginyu. Vegeta didn't want to get frog guts all over his new shiny boots.

Name: Frieza
Race: Changeling(?)
Hair: None
Eyes: Black

Ah, the villainous Frieza. We meet Frieza shortly after Vegeta is defeated on Earth. As we know, scouters are also transmitters. Frieza picks up the signal that these "Dragon Balls" are also on Namek, and he's in his ship and on to Namek before Vegeta says his next word to Nappa. So Frieza lands on Namek and searches for the Dragon balls to wish for, of course, immortality. By the way he blows up 2 of his own henchmen in the process, just for fun, to give you an idea of his character. Anyways, Gokou finally lands on Namek, and is able to stand up to Frieza. Frieza gets pissed and kills Kuririn, and Gokou turns into Frieza's worst fear... a Super Saiyan, and meets his downfall. However Frieza's dad comes along and rebuilds the remains of Frieza, making him much stronger, and he is now a robot. So Frieza comes to earth, searching for the Super Saiyan that defeated him the first time. Instead, he finds a man named Trunks, whom defeats Frieza and his father, King Cold, easily. The end of Frieza. Now for a little bit about him. Frieza was a person who believed no one could stand up to him. But, Gokou and Trunks did, and this was his downfall. He was always afraid of Super Saiyans, and when he was destroyed by one. This is why he destroyed the planet Vegeta. Anyways, Frieza is probably one of the most liked villains of all DB/Z/GT, because he's 1) powerful, 2) looks SO cool!!, and 3) he is pure evil. Indeed, Frieza is powerful. And, he does look incredibly cool, especially his 4th form. And, he is the only villain that is pure evil by choice. Sure, there were other evil characters, but most of them were created to be that way, such as Cell or the androids. He is evil by choice, and that's what makes him so cool.

Name: Androids #16, #17, #18
Race: Artificial Humans

The artificial humans were created by Dr. Gero of the RR army. Unfortunately, they get tired of him and #17 takes the liberty of kicking Gero's head off. Anyhow, #16 has red hair and he isn't violent at all, he turns out to like nature and only shows his true power when fighting cell to give #18 time to leave (never did) that he is actually stronger than #17. #17 has black hair and is an average destructive android he thinks that he is the perfect warrior. #18 is a female with blonde hair, that turns out to switch sides and marries Kuririn. Androids 17 and 18 are absorbed by Cell, but Cell spits out #18 when he gets punched in the stomach REALLY hard.